Aeneid in JSTOR

Check out this new tool: <>, an openly accessible tool that I’ve recently developed in collaboration with the JSTOR Labs. The idea behind this tool was born out of an online conversation I’ve been having with Ronald Snyder (JSTOR Labs), Neil Coffee, Chris Forstall, Caitlin Diddams and James Gawley — the Tesserae team.

The tool makes it possible to find articles in JSTOR that quote or refer to specific passages of the Aeneid. It currently provides access to some 5,700 articles from which +12,000 references and +11,000 quotations were extracted.

Since this tool is a proof of concept of a new generation of tools for retrieving bibliographic information, any feedback is extremely valuable and very welcome. As any proof of concept, however, it also comes with some limitations, which are listed the FAQ section at <>.

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