Musisque Deoque

Main goal of the Musisque Deoque project was to create a singular Latin poetry’s database, supplemented with electronic critical and exegetical apparatuses.

At present, main collections of classical texts have been transferred onto digital device while resources, mostly online, allow quicker lexical searches. Nevertheless, in most cases search engine inquiry only provides results of a key inside a fix and ‘authoritarian’ text.The aim of MQDQ is to overcome these limitations, allowing to locate not only the forms chosen from the text of a reference edition, but also the variants in its critical apparatus. Lately, the website has been implemented with new functions: “epigraphica”: peculiar handling of the Carmina Latina Epigraphica, with a search by corpora, by incipit, and other information about place of origin, dating, when existing a ‘praescriptum’ and ‘postscriptum’ in prose, etc.;

In addition, a photographic archive of the inscriptions on catalogue has been set up; “witnesses”: the site has been supplied, in the apparatus, with a standard nomenclature of the manuscripts, displaying the current proper names of city, library, collection and the signature; a list of poets and works that are present in the same manuscript; a link to the library’s website and, if existing, to the digitised images of the codex; “search by lemmas”: available in the advanced search mode; “metrical scan” of all the works in dactylic verses, performed by the Pedecerto application; “co-occurrences”: starting from a chosen source text, the whole corpus is investigated to find verbal or non-verbal rhythmic similarities.

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