4 thoughts on “Nolli Map

  1. If you want to explore this great map by Giovanni Battista Nolli on your iPhone and iPad, go and download the Nolli App from the App store. Truly interactive (tap on a number to get the information from the index), high resolution, offline available (no internet connection required), compare with the current situation (overlay mode), use it to navigate (follow me modus), make your selections and visit Rome with this fantastic map in your palm.


  2. Just wanted to let you know that we have released an iPhone and iPad app with the “Nuova Topografia” by Giambattista Nolli.
    Enjoy the Nolli Map offline in high resolution (no Internet connection required) and in mobility while walking through Rome or from the comfort of your couch. Get additional information from the original indices simply by tapping on a number on the plan.
    This is our website: http://nolli-app.com


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